We have streamlined our payment processing. You can now select from payment by credit or debit card, payments via PayPal, Interac, and pay in instalments by AfterPay. Select your preferred payment method at checkout.

Payment For Tablets By Credit & Debit Cards

You can use Visa and Mastercard payments to purchase your tablets, alongside American Express.

Payment For Tablets By PayPal For Tablets

Your PayPal account allows you to select where the funds for purchasing our microwaves come from. You need to indicate this with your PayPal account; you can select to use funds directly from your bank account, your PayPal account or an added and verified card.

Mobile Payments For Purchasing Tablets

At, we have recently added another payment method, and it is proving very popular. We accept Google Pay and Apple Pay. These offer intuitive payment processing and carry top of line security with their encryption process.

Using Interac To Purchase Your Tablets

Interac debit payments let you purchase tablets from Payment is taken from your bank account but without having to share any details.

Purchasing Tablets Using AfterPay

We have now added an instalment payment option – AfterPay. This online instalment method allows you to pay for your tablets over four regular instalments. The first payment is taken at checkout. AfterPay will take the remaining three payments for your tablets every two weeks over the next six weeks. If you don’t have an account with AfterPay, you can quickly sign up at checkout. You need to hold a Canadian credit card to use AfterPay.