About Us

The benefits of owning a tablet are many, which is why they are proving so popular with everyone from school age to beyond retirement. Like many other businesses, we took our time in moving from a bricks and mortar establishment to an eCommerce shop – but we are so glad we made the move.

Transitioning To Selling Tablets Online

We have worked with computer, notebook and tablet sales and repairs for 10 years. As technology has improved, so has the popularity of tablets, from small reading tablets to tablets to manage your businesses. As a company, we decided to move our sales online. We still do repairs at our workshop, but all the sales, including the ones we recondition, are sold through our online store. This has improved speed, efficiency and allowed us to expand beyond our workshop area.

Tablets, Computers or Smartphones?

We get quite many people asking us which is better to choose. Not surprisingly, we would opt for a tablet. 

Our reasons For Preferring Tablets—Other Than The Fact We Sell Them

  • A tablet is easily transportable for use on planes, trains and public transport. 
  • Tablet screens are bigger than a smartphone, making them easier to use.
  • Battery life on a tablet is usually longer than on a smartphone.
  • Because of screen size tablets are better for reading books, the news or watching TV & movies.
  •  There is a better gaming experience on a tablet than on a smartphone.
  • Tablets are cheaper than computers.
  • Tablets are better to work on than a smartphone.
  • Can keep kids entertained on the go.
  • Easier for the elderly to use.